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;Garage Door Mobile Service Repair Thornton, CO 303-222-0728Springs play an important role in the functioning of the garage doors. Automatic garage doors are the pick of the day and these automatic mechanisms need proper support from springs on the door. In order to enjoy seamless operation of your garage doors, it is important to keep these vital components in top shape by getting regular services done. Broken springs could cause extensive damage to the other parts of the system, and in worst scenarios, it can result in the failure of the entire mechanism and act as a major threat to life and property.

Abundant knowledge and experience along with the right skill set is required to handle the springs of a garage door. Most of Garage Door Mobile Service Repair’s team members have worked in the garage door service sector for a long time and can handle any kind of issue related to garage doors and spring systems. Garage Door Mobile Service Repair is engaged in providing professional services and can maintain the operational efficiency of your garage doors by fixing spring related issues effectively. We take care of restoring springs to their original capacity, can identify the onset of potential problems in the future and provide immediate fixes to ensure a long lasting life. Most of the residents in Thornton, CO believe that we are experts in fixing spring issues and other garage door-related issues at affordable prices.

Torsion Springs

Torsion springs are the most popular springs these days, since they are considered quite safe and reliable. The entire system comprises of a tightly wound spring over the shaft. The spring unwinds as the door is lifted and the energy is used to lift the door with the help of cables. Garage Door Mobile Service Repair believes that such a system plays a major role in holding up the garage door in emergency situations like spring system failure due to underlying cables that provide enhanced safety.

Torsion springs are widely used, since it is considered as a necessary component to have a safe and secure garage door in both residential and commercial sectors. Only a skilled and experienced engineer would be able to help you with fixing and servicing of springs, since their setup and installation requires an in-depth understanding of how springs work in cohesion with the rest of the garage door system.

Extension Springs

Extension springs are the traditional springs, which work on the concept of expansion and contraction and handle heavy load capacities. Extension springs usually remain in a stand-still position while the door is closed. Extension springs carry heavy tension during operation and thus it is not recommended to attempt a repair or spring restoration yourself.  The stored energy in the spring can be released with destructive force when the spring is loose or breaks off, resulting in serious damage to you or your property.

Extension springs are affordable and reasonable in nature, and most of Garage Door Mobile Service Repair’s clients prefer these owing to their cost-effectiveness. However, they need to be checked periodically and require regular tune-ups for proper functioning. Talk to a Garage Door Mobile Service Repair expert to get the right spring installed in the right manner for your garage doors.